How do I remove page breaks in my proposal?

Trying to remove random blank pages or format page breaks in your proposals is enough to drive you nuts. Luckily, in Bidsketch, there is a simple way to create perfectly formatted proposals without any blank pages or random page breaks.

Add or Remove Page Breaks

Click on your proposal title, then head over to the preview mode. Once in the Preview Mode, click on the page breaks button:

Then select which Sections you want to have a page break, and select either None, Before the section or After the section.

Save your proposal, and you're done!

Add Page Breaks in the Middle of Your Content

You can also add page breaks in the middle of your content. It's harder to maintain across proposals, so we recommend the other way if possible, but if you do need a page break within a section, simply click on the page break button in the toolbar when editing a section:

You can also easily remove the page break within your section by simply deleting the page break that shows within the content.

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