Setting Up Your SignWell Integration

Note: Bidsketch has a separate, built-in electronic signature feature that's included in the Solo, Team, and Business plans. You can learn about the Bidsketch electronic signature here.

SignWell gives you advanced electronic signature workflows on your proposals. You can learn more or sign up by visiting the website:

Setting Up Your Integration

To set up your SignWell integration, go to Account -> API & Integration -> New Integration. Underneath the SignWell logo click "start" to begin:

Next, you'll want to click on the link to set up your SignWell account if you haven't already. Otherwise, click on "Activate SignWell Integration":

That's it! Your integration will be all set: 

Using Your SignWell Integration To Sign Your Proposals

Once enabled, click on the title of a proposal and you'll see a SignWell section on the right hand side of your proposal detail page:

Click on the "Send" button and you'll be redirected to SignWell to finish sending your proposal. 

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