What does my client see when I send them a proposal?

When sending a proposal, you can view your proposal AS a client without triggering notifications by clicking "preview":

Another way is to send yourself a proposal and go through the process of accepting (and signing, if that's how you have your account set up). But if you don't want to do that, no problem. 

Here's what your client will see/experience when you send them a proposal:

1. They will receive an email that says they've received a proposal from you. In that email will be a short message, which includes a link to the proposal (where they can view it in their browser window and download the PDF). They click on that link. This is what they see:

2. If you have any optional fees, they can opt in (or out) of those by clicking "Add" in the optional fees and checking the boxes of the fees they want to include.

3. From this point, they read the proposal and (of course) accept it. They do that by clicking on the accept button in the top menu. (You will get an email notification letting you know they've accepted.)

4. If you have the electronic signature feature enabled, your client will be prompted to sign. They can either type their name, or draw their name on their mousepad.

5. Once they've clicked the "accept" button they'll get a verification notice that they have accepted. That's it

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