I can't edit my sections, why are they frozen?

Copying text from a PDF to the online editor will sometimes create formatting issues. During the process of copying and pasting, some of the code gets lost, which results in missing tags that mangle formatting. It happens most often if you're copying and pasting a bulleted list, and is likely because there's an "unordered list" tag missing. You may see something like this:

The good news is, you can easily insert the tag(s), and it will fix the formatting. 

Inserting Tags

To insert the tags, go into the last section that you can edit, (in the previous image example that would be the section titled, "Identifying Your Needs"), and click on the HTML button:

That will take you to the view where you can insert the tags:

Here you can see an example of a section with a correctly tagged bulleted list. Marked are the places where tags typically go missing so this is where you would type them in. The first tag (<ul>) is the beginning of the unordered list, and the second tag (</ul>) is the end of the unordered list.

Once you've added in the tags, click the "save" button and refresh the page.

Now you're able to edit your sections:

Guidelines to Avoid Missing Tags

Here are some general guidelines for copying/pasting text, to avoid formatting issues in the first place:

  • Copy your text as usual, and then when pasting it into the editor do a plain paste. You can do this on Windows by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + V, on a Mac by pressing SHIFT + OPTION + COMMAND + V. Alternatively, you can right click on your mouse and select "Paste as plain text" and that will usually work.
  • Copy the text from your PDF and paste it into a text editor such as TextEdit (Mac) or NotePad (PC). This helps clear some of the formattings. Then, copy the text from the text editor and paste it into the online editor in Bidsketch. Don't paste the text into Microsoft Word as a middle step, as this will exacerbate the problem.

Once you've fixed the formatting issue in your proposal, go to the section that was missing tags in your Saved Sections or Fees and adjust it there so you won't have the same issue in the future. 

If you're still having issues, contact customer support and we'll help straighten out the formatting issues for you.

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