How to Customize Messages

Personalizing communication with your clients can greatly improve the impression you leave upon them, and give you an edge on your competition.

There are two different proposal messages in your Bidsketch that you can customize: the introduction message, and approval message. 

Customizing the Introduction Message

This is the message that your client receives when they open the email with your proposal link. To customize this message, go to your account settings, and into the settings tab. 

This is your default introduction message.

This message is pretty basic and straightforward. Note the use of the variables to ensure accuracy. You can customize this message by deleting the text and replacing it with whatever you want it to say. We'll make this a little more personal.

Note that you don't want to change this “{proposal_url}" variable, as that will create a broken link and your client won't be able to access the proposal. 

That's all there is to it. Once you've made the changes, this new message will appear in all of the emails you send henceforth, unless you change them. 

Customizing the Approval Message

This is the message your client sees just after they've approved your proposal. It presents a good opportunity for you to thank them, or offer instructions on what to do next. To customize this message you just open up the "proposal approval message" link, and type your message.

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