What are all of the variables?

Variables are placeholders that will later auto-populate with the correct data/information. You don't need to manually fill out the data inside of these brackets because they'll do that all on their own.
To view yours and your client's list of variables, click on the title of your proposal and then click on "Proposal settings" in any section of your proposal: 

Within your proposal settings, you can view the variables by clicking on "View variables" in the bottom left corner of the settings: 

Here is a complete list of all the variables, broken down by variables for your info:

  • {project_name} - The name of the project the proposal is for
  • {my_company} - Your company name
  • {my_email} - Your email address
  • {my_name} - Your first and last name
  • {my_phone} - Your phone number
  • {my_first_name} - Your first name
  • {my_last_name} - Your last name
  • {sent_date} - Proposal Sent Date

And, variables for your client's info:

  • {client_postal} - The client's postal code
  • {client_name} - The client's company name
  • {client_contact_name} - The client's first and last name
  • {client_email} - The client's email address
  • {client_url} - The client's website address
  • {client_first_name} The client's first name
  • {client_last_name} - The client's last name
  • {client_phone} - The client's phone number
  • {client_alt_phone} - The client's alt phone number
  • {client_street_address1} - The client's street address (1st line)
  • {client_street_address2} - The client's street address (2nd line)
  • {client_city} - The client's city
  • {client_state} - The client's state

For an explanation of the cool ways that the variables can help you, click here.

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