Setting Up Your Zapier Integration

To get started using Bidsketch in your Zapier account, you’ll first need to add your Bidsketch account to Zapier using your Bidsketch API.

When you’ve decided which app you’d like to create your first zap with, you’ll need to decide what trigger and action to perform.

Once you’ve done that, you can add your account by selecting “Connect a different Bidsketch Account” from the drop-down menu:

Next, you'll need to label your Bidsketch account with a new name:

In this same modal, you'll be given instructions on how to collect your API token from your Bidsketch account. Once you’ve copied your API, paste it into the open textbox at the bottom, and click continue.

Getting an API token is easy. You can do this by going to your Account Settings, and into the API & Integration tab. Then, click on the highlighted "unique token" link to be taken to into the next menu: 

From there, you can copy and paste your API token for authentication purposes. 

Note that only the account admin can view and manage the API tokens.

After you’ve submitted your API key click “Test This Account” to verify that your API key has been entered correctly and is working. If everything is working, you’ll receive a green “Account is Working” message:

If something is wrong with your API key, you'll get a message from Zapier letting you know what to do next:

Here's a video that helps walk you through the process of setting up a new Zap: 

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