Setting Up Your Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

With the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress you can now directly import new contacts into your Bidsketch account. No more manual entry; the data from the form are automatically imported as a new contact in your Bidsketch. 

You can get the Bidsketch Gravity Forms plugin here.

After you install the plugin, you'll want to grab an API token from your Bidsketch account. You can do that by going into your Account Settings and into the "API & Integration" tab: Then click on the link that says, "unique token":

Once you have your API token, you can highlight it, and copy it. Then, go over to your WordPress dashboard. Your dashboard will now have a new menu item labeled Forms. Go to Forms > Settings.

This will take you to a screen where you can paste your Bidsketch API token.

Once you've saved your settings, go to the Bidsketch submenu in your Forms menu, and select the form that you want to use to send lead info to Bidsketch.

The final step is to map the fields of your form to Bidsketch contact fields. And that's it!

Now your leads will automatically be imported into your Bidsketch as new contacts.

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