Sections Overview

Your sections are the meat of your proposal. The majority of your content will be from your sections, so this is where you'll focus most of your efforts. Sections can contain text, links, tables, images, and videos. Reusable sections can be added to any proposal, and you can save updates you make in your proposal to any of your sections.

Sections include Opening Sections and Closing Sections. Combined with your Fees they tell the client what you're offering and how. This is what your Sections dashboard looks like:

Creating a New Section

Creating a new section offers the advantage of allowing you to put whatever you want in your section, from scratch. To create a new section, click the “new section" button. 

Type in the name of your section. If you want to assign this section to a specific category, open up your advanced options, and select your category (or create a new one).

You can directly enter content into the editor, or copy and paste content from a proposal template you want to import into Bidsketch. The toolbar in the editor lets you format text, add links, images, and more. When you're finished, just click on the “save" button, and you're done.

Creating a New Section Without a Heading

To create a section without a heading, put curly braces around the title of the section. This way, you'll be able to see it in your Bidsketch (making it searchable), but it will appear without a headline on the proposal itself. So this...

Will look like this...

Editing a Section

To edit an existing section, you can hover over the section (from the Sections menu) and these links will appear. Click on the “edit" link, make your changes, and save. 

Copying a Section

If you want to make changes to a section but still keep the original version, you can copy it before making edits. To copy a section, just hover over the section, and click on the “copy" link.

Deleting a Section

To delete a section, hover over the section you want to remove, and click on the “delete" link.

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