Using Comments

Oftentimes, when you send a proposal to your client they'll want to add comments, notes, or feedback. For example, if amendments are requested, specific parameters set, or perhaps you just want to make notes on a proposal for your own reference. 

You have the ability to make private comments that your clients can't see (only collaborators), or public comments that they can see. And your clients can make comments on the proposals for you to review and respond to.  

Commenting from the Details Page

You can make a comment from a few different places. The first is the proposal details page. Open up the proposal to the details page (by clicking on the title of the proposal) and scroll to the bottom. To add a comment, click on the “add comment" link.

Type your comment, and click "save." If you want the comment to be private (that is, if you don't want your client to see it), just check the “private" box. Note that when you submit a comment that's public (not marked as "private") an immediate notification email will be sent to your client, with the comment and proposal URL, so that they can view and/or respond to your comment. 

The comment will immediately be added to your proposal.

If you designated the comment as public, it will be sent directly to your client in an email. 

They will then also be able to view it in their browser, where they can respond if they'd like. They can also respond to your comment by simply replying to your email.

Commenting from the Preview Page

The other place where you can make a comment is from the Preview screen. Click on “Comments."

Select “add comment," type your comment, and click “save." Note that your client will not see any of the comments you make here.

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